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The Best Advice to Take Care of Your Nails in Cold Weather

The Best Advice to Take Care of Your Nails in Cold Weather

Nail care on winter

Did you know it’s not just your skin that dries out during the winter months? Your nails do too! Have you ever experienced dry, cracked, splitting fingernails during the winter months? If yes, then you might have tried several methods to fix your dry nails, but have had little success.

Here are a few nail care secrets to help you take care of your nails during the cold weather.

Moisturize Your Nails

After washing your hands, apply lotions and oils that contain ingredients which include natural oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and more. This process locks up moisture in your nails and helps preserve the cuticle seal and strengthen the nail itself. Get in touch with your natural nail services to get more ideas on choosing the right moisturizing products for your nails.

Don’t Clip and File Dry Nails

Did you know clipping dry nails can split and fracture the layered protein structure of brittle nails? Before performing any nail procedures, wet your nails to soften and make it pliable. Clipping and filing nails when they are wet remove any rough edges that may catch on things.

Coddle Your Cuticles

Nail health depends more on cuticle health. Ragged and rough cuticles hurt easily and look unattractive. Maintaining cuticle health is critical since these thin layers of skin actually work to shield and protect nails as they grow. They also block bacteria that are invading the nail bed. Use mild natural oils for a simple rubdown and leave it overnight to soothe and condition cuticles and fortify nails.

Keep the Nails Short

Unlike short nails, long nails snag, crack and break especially during the winter months. So, trim them from time to time and apply a coat of protective polish to prevent them from splitting or breaking.

Don’t Use Aggressive Chemicals

For effective winter nail care, avoid overexposure to harsh chemical agents such as soaps, dish detergent, and more. While you can’t completely get away from the usage of these products, you can wear gloves to keep your nails safe from hot water and harsh dish detergent.

Moreover, get a manicure from a Natural nail salon to clean your nails up and get them polished to perfection.


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