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Simple Tips that Help Your Manicure Last Longer

Simple Tips that Help Your Manicure Last Longer

How do you feel when your nail art or polish chip an hour after you put on the last coat? There is nothing worse than spending an hour on your nails only to have them chip or smudge minutes later. Here are a few simple tips to preserve that eye-catching mani for a long time.

Cuticle Preparation 

Before applying polish, don’t soak your nails as it causes the nail to expand and then contract after the paint dries. Instead, ask your manicurists or the natural nail services providers to use cuticle oil to soften your cuticles. Use cuticle oil everyday to keep your nails from drying out and promote them to be healthy.

Nail Preparation 

To make the base coat last, buff your nails before applying polish. Use nail cleanser to remove the dusty residue after buffing. If your nails aren’t clean, the dust will prevent proper adhesion of lacquers..

The tip of your nail is the most common area prone to chip. So, make sure to use two coats to avoid chipping. Paint your nail plates only, it is important to stay on the nail plate. With proper application, your polish will less likely to lift.

Protect the Polish 

Topcoat serves as the best way to have long lasting wear. Re-apply a high-gloss clear coat every day to shield your polish against wear and tear. Also, an extra swipe across the tips before painting the whole nail provides an extra barrier against typing, texting, and other common actions.

File the tips down and seal them with a top coat to avoid chipping. With the right preparation and protection, your polish or nail art can last for more than a week.

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