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Nail Care

Keep Your Nails Healthy & Strong! Nail Care Tips from the Experts

Are you taking good care of your nails? Your nails not only provide ten little spaces to decorate but also serve as a protecting shield for your sensitive fingers and toes. Through proper nail care routine, you can protect your nail from unusual conditions such as ridges, dents, and more. Here are a few nail…
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Pedicure Tips for Diabetic Patients

Safer Pedicure Tips for Diabetic Patients

Is there anything that is more relaxing than soaking your feet and getting a pedicure? It’s a refreshing experience even for people with diabetes! If you have diabetes, you know that the legs and feet can be affected by the disease in multiple ways including, Numbness Tingling Neuropathy Ulcers Thick toe nails and more Diabetes…
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Diabetic Pedicure

Are You a Diabetic? Is Diabetic Pedicure Safe for You?

Did you know people with diabetes are at greater risk for developing foot ulcerations or infections? If the infection is severe, it could even lead to amputation. According to the recent research reports, foot problem in diabetics is the number one reason that puts them in the hospital each year. Proper foot care is essential…
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Eye lash services

What You Ought to Know Before Getting Lash Extensions?

Women of these days don’t have the time and patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. So, lash extension has become inevitable and increasingly popular in the recent years. Here we feature a handy guide of things to know and consider before you commit to getting lash services. Types of Lash Extensions The three common…
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Pedicure Treatment

Why Is a Winter Pedicure Treatment Routine Important?

Pedicures are popular services and are good for your skin. They leave you looking your best. But, winter after winter, most clients try to postpone their pedicure services till spring and say, “no one sees my toes anyway…” Are you one among them? Then, this blog post is exclusively for you! We agree that most…
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Nail care on winter

The Best Advice to Take Care of Your Nails in Cold Weather

Did you know it’s not just your skin that dries out during the winter months? Your nails do too! Have you ever experienced dry, cracked, splitting fingernails during the winter months? If yes, then you might have tried several methods to fix your dry nails, but have had little success. Here are a few nail…
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Tips to Maintain Your Naturally Beautiful Nails

Keeping your nail naturally beautiful is not as hard as you think. By hiring the right natural nail salonand choosing the natural nail services on manicure and pedicure is enough. Visiting the salon on a regular basis will maintain your beautiful nails forever. You have to follow these tips to maintain the beauty of your nails. Don’t Get…
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Top Benefits of Getting A Manicure and Pedicure

Do you think of a manicure and pedicure as just an occasional way of pampering yourself? Yes, it is, and more! Getting a manicure and pedicure in a natural nail salon allows you to clean and shape your nails and gently groom your cuticles, which is vital for keeping your nails strong, the skin on your hand…
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Simple Tips that Help Your Manicure Last Longer

How do you feel when your nail art or polish chip an hour after you put on the last coat? There is nothing worse than spending an hour on your nails only to have them chip or smudge minutes later. Here are a few simple tips to preserve that eye-catching mani for a long time.…
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Nails Reflect the Health in You – Advanced Manicure and Pedicure Services

“Nails reflect the health in you…. what does that mean?” you may ask.  Nails are a reflection of our health. Have you ever taken a good look at your nails and see dents, spots, shredded tips, yellowing, thickened, etc. The list goes on and on.  There are indications that your nail provides. Now, I am not…
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