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Are You In Search Of A Nail Salon?

Are You In Search Of A Nail Salon?

Picture a relaxing massage followed by a hygienic manicure or pedicure, it is all that you need to relieve your stress. You are probably thinking, “But where do I go?”. There are many nail salons to choose from. There is one on every corner, so it seems. “How do I choose the one that is right for me?” That is a great question. There is a nail salon for everyone, but if you are in search for a nail salon there a few things you want to look for. Look for and or take note of salon cleanliness, safety and sanitation practices, staff, air quality and products used for services.

Here is the breakdown.

Look Around :

When you look around, does the salon look so clean it sparkles? Ok, looking for the salon to sparkle is a bit dramatic. But when you step into the salon does it appear clean? What appears to be clean may not always be the case. Look at manicure tables, are they wiped clean, pedicure stations & pedicure bowls, are they clean with no trace of debris, bathrooms, how does that look, and floors, do they look like they have not been swept? The Staff, do they look like they have made effort in their appearance? Oh, and don’t forget, what does the salon smell like? Watch out for strong fumes. Unpleasant smells can create an uncomfortable service experience.

Ask questions :

Sanitation is imperative for a safe and non-toxic environment. You should ask the staff at a nail salonabout the sanitation practices followed by them. All metal implements should be disinfected. All non-metal implements should be thrown out. If a salon fails to resolve any of your queries, consider it as a red flag.

The Products and Tools :

There’s nothing wrong to ask a bit about the types of tools and products used by the salon. The metal tools should be properly washed, sanitized and disinfected. The non-metal tools should be used for a single operation and discarded immediately. Some salons give them away to their clients. They also ask for them not to return them to use the next time the client comes back. Products should be properly dispensed. Are they putting their fingers into a jar? We call that double dipping. When a product is opened, does it smell?  Fumes can be overwhelming and undesirable. What time of nail lacquers are they using?

These are just to name a few. This breakdown should give you an idea of what to look for when you are in search of a nail salon. Just remember, you are worth it and it’s important to look for a place that will treat you well.

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