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Are You a Diabetic? Is Diabetic Pedicure Safe for You?

Are You a Diabetic? Is Diabetic Pedicure Safe for You?

Are You a Diabetic? Is Diabetic Pedicure Safe for You?

Did you know people with diabetes are at greater risk for developing foot ulcerations or infections? If the infection is severe, it could even lead to amputation. According to the recent research reports, foot problem in diabetics is the number one reason that puts them in the hospital each year. Proper foot care is essential for the people with diabetes to keep their feet healthy and prevent further infections.

Are You a Good Candidate?

A specialty Diabetic Pedicure is a good choice for patients who have their diabetes under control and do not have severe peripheral arterial disease. Anyone with diabetes can get a pedicure anywhere, so long as an experienced technician uses clean, sterile instruments and provides proper hands on service.

If you have a cut, blister, infection, ulcer or neuropathy, you must consult your doctor prior to your appointment.  Choose a salon that uses pipe less pedicure chair basins, if you are more concerned about getting an infection.

How Does It Work?

The CMP nail technicians at our natural nail salon can understand the anatomy of the foot, diseases of the skin and nails, and the complications associated with diabetes.  CMP stands for Certified Master Pedicurist. They are certified professionals, and they will check your feet carefully for open wounds, pressure spots, infections or other signs that may indicate a problem.

Moreover, these professionals use special tools and instruments that are less likely to damage the skin and are extra gentle but still get the job done. The experts that offer natural nail services incorporates foot products designed specifically for immune-compromised/problematic feet.

When visiting any nail salon, never allow your nail technician to use a razor blade tool to remove calluses, even if they are allowed in your state. The risk associated with using these razors is too high of creating an open wound and putting you at risk of infections.

According to the American Heart Association, diabetes increases the risk of plaque build-up in the arteries, which can cause dangerous blood clots.  Proper care and therapy for the feet and calves helps to keep the blood moving, as well as promote happy feet.

So, choose the right pedicure treatment to keep your feet as clean as possible.


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